Version 5.9

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List of versions
Version 5.11
Version 5.10
Version 5.9
Version 5.8
Version 5.7
Version 5.6
Version 5.5
Version 5.4
Version 5.3
Version 5.2
Version 5.1
Version 5.0

Version 5.9 is planned to release on Saturday, March 16th 2019.

This page is created to prepare Changelog information for actual release. Contributions are welcome.


Release 5.9.0 (wip)

  • virt plugin: Fix tracking of VM state changes. Thanks to Radoslaw Jablonski. #2701
  • virt plugin: Add block info statistics for disk devices. Thanks to Radoslaw Jablonski. #2874
  • virt plugin: Allow read Hostname from libvirt metadata. Thanks to Mehdi ABAAKOUK. #2807
  • disk plugin: In linux, reset the disk when it disappear from /proc/diskstats. Thanks to Nikita Kozlov/Pavel Rochnyak. #2551
  • turbostat plugin: Add RestoreAffinityPolicy parameter. Thanks to Pablo Llopis. #2627
  • prometheus plugin: Added 'Host' option. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyak. #2969
  • cpufreq plugin: Read number of p-state transitions and time spent in each p-state. Thanks to Sexton Rory. #2803
  • ovs_stats plugin: Add macro to populate counters list. Thanks to Matteo Croce. #2963