Version 5.7

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List of versions
Version 5.11
Version 5.10
Version 5.9
Version 5.8
Version 5.7
Version 5.6
Version 5.5
Version 5.4
Version 5.3
Version 5.2
Version 5.1
Version 5.0

Version 5.7.0 has been released on Monday December 12th 2016. This version is currently supported.


Release 5.7.0

Unreleased changes to collectd-5.7 branch

All changes up to 6397cdc35

  • collectd: Fix a warning message at start up when is CollectInternalStats is enabled. Thanks to Florian Forster.
  • Intel_RDT plugin: libpqos library version is now checked at build time. Thanks to Serhiy Pshyk.
  • NetApp plugin: Compilation problems have been corrected. Thanks to Florian Forster. #2120
  • DPDKStat plugin: Portability issues and a double-close bug have been fixed. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof and Marc Fournier.
  • build system: Parallel build have been fixed. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #2110
  • various plugins and core components have been patched, fixing programming errors which were reported by scan-build and coverity-scan: Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof and Florian Forster.