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List of versions
Version 5.11
Version 5.10
Version 5.9
Version 5.8
Version 5.7
Version 5.6
Version 5.5
Version 5.4
Version 5.3
Version 5.2
Version 5.1
Version 5.0

Version 5.3 has been released on Tuesday, April 9th 2013. The newest release is 5.3.1 which as been released on Saturday, July 13, 2013. This version is currently supported.


Release 5.3.0

Released on Tuesday, April 9th 2013.

  • collectd: The Include statements can now be limited to include only matching files in a directory. Thanks to Sebastian Harl for his patch.
  • collectd: Dispatches / writes are now handled by a thread pool. This improves reliability and throughput for instances configured to act as a "server". Thanks to Sebastian Harl and Dan Fandrich for reviewing this change and fixing bugs.
  • Aggregation plugin: Selection of value lists is now possible using regular expressions. Parts of the identifier of the resulting metric can now be set via the configuration file.
  • APC UPS plugin: The ReportSeconds option has been implemented.
  • curl* plugins: Support for POST requests and custom request headers has been added. Thanks to Dan Fandrich for his patch.
  • cURL-XML plugin: Support for XML namespaces has been added. Thanks to Dan Fandrich for his patch.
  • DBI plugin: Support for numeric options has been added. The Host option has been added. Thanks to Daniel Hilst for his patch.
  • Disk plugin: Support for systems with >256 has been fixed. Thanks to Greg Mason for his patch.
  • libvirt plugin: Support for memory allocation has been added. Thanks to Johan Wirén for his patch.
  • NetApp plugin: Support for SnapVault, VFiler and deduplication / compression and quota metrics. Thanks to Sebastian Harl for his patches and teamix GmbH for sponsoring this work.
  • PostgreSQL plugin: The reconnection logic has been improved. Thanks to Sebastian Harl for his patches.
  • RRDtool, RRDCacheD plugins: The CreateFilesAsync option has been implemented. When enabled, new RRD files will be created asynchronously, which improved throughput of server instances. Many thanks to Yves Mettier for all his input and code.
  • Tail CSV plugin: This new plugins allows to read metrics from CSV files, such as Snort's statistics file. Thanks to Kris Nielander for his patch.
  • Write MongoDB plugin: Authentication options have been added.
  • Write Riemann plugin: This new plugin allows sending metrics to Riemann, a stream processing and alerting tool. Big thanks to Pierre-Yves Ritschard for his work.

Release 5.3.1

Released on Saturday, July 13th 2013.

  • Documentation: Various fixes.
  • Configuration: Fix error handling: Errors in included files were ignored, causing configuration mistakes to go unnoticed.
  • DNS plugin: Don't abort when PCAP returns an error.
  • Modbus plugin: The reconnection strategy was improved, fixing a segfault in the libmodbud library. Thanks to Stefan Nickl and Fabien Wernli for their patches.
  • MySQL plugin: The notification about a newly running MySQL slave thread has been fixed. Thanks to Joaquín Cuenca Abela for the patch.
  • SNMP plugin: A build issue has been fixed (C99 mixed declaration). The end-of-tree check has been improved by Pierre-Yves Ritschard.
  • Threshold plugin: Handling of the Interesting configuration option has been fixed. Thanks to Björn for the patch.
  • Write Riemann plugin: A memory leak has been fixed. Thanks to Dave Cottlehuber for reporting it.

Release 5.3.2

Work in progress

  • Build system: Numerous fixes. Thanks to Bjørn Nordbø, Jim Radford, KOMEDA Shinji, Lauri Tirkkonen, Manuel Luis Sanmartin Rozada, Marc Fournier, Rainer Müller, Yoga Ramalingam and Yves Mettier for their patches.
  • collectd: A use-after-free has been fixed in the parse_value() function. Thanks to Matthias Urlichs for his work.
  • collectd: Fix carriage return sign in types_list Thanks to Marc Fournier and @NsLib for their work.
  • collectd: Fix programming error in src/configfile.c Thanks to Wilfried Goesgens for his work.
  • collectd: An off-by-one error has been fixed in the strstripnewline() function. Patch by Florian Forster.
  • collectd: Use the complain mechanism to report filter chain write failures. Thanks to Sebastian Harl for his work.
  • collectd: Spelling and grammar of error messages have been fixed. Thanks to Katelyn Perry and Tim Laszlo for their work.
  • cURL and memcachec plugins: Fix calculation of gauge, average, minimum and maximum. Previously, they were calculated from the start of the daemon, which is not the documented behavior. Fixed by Florian Forster. #663
  • RRDtool and RRDCacheD plugins: A memory leak when creating RRD files has been fixed. Thanks to Yves Mettier for his work.
  • Aggregation plugin: utils_vl_lookup: Fixed a race when creating user objects. Thanks to Sebastian Harl.
  • CPU plugin: Remove temperature code for Mac OS X. Thanks to Florian Forster and Marc Fournier.
  • CSV plugin: fix forgotten datadir in re-implement value_list_to_filename(). Thanks to Manuel Luis Sanmartin Rozada.
  • CSV plugin: set datadir null when free. Thanks to Manuel Luis Sanmartin Rozada.
  • cURL and Write HTTP plugins: Call curl_global_init() in the plugins' init() callback. Thanks to Jeremy Katz.
  • cURL-XML plugin: Fixed tautological pointer comparison error. Thanks to Arthur Marble.
  • Exec, Java, Python, Threshold plugins: Fix notifications to support sub-second time. Thanks to Manuel Luis Sanmartín Rozada, Adrian Miron and Justin Burnham.
  • IPMI plugin: use SIGIO instead of SIGUSR2 to avoid conflict with JVM. Thanks to Vincent Bernat.
  • Java plugin: Make sure cjni_thread_detach() is called on all paths. Thanks to Florian Forster.
  • LogFile and SysLog plugins: Avoid total silence in case of a misconfiguration. Thanks to Marc Fournier and Wilfried Goesgens.
  • memcached plugin: actually connect when using a unix socket. Thanks to Jim Radford.
  • Network plugin: Don't enable gcrypt thread callbacks when gcrypt recent enough. Thanks to Vincent Bernat.
  • Network plugin: Fix logical error in if caluse. Thanks to Vladimir Smirnov.
  • Network plugin: Improve client connecting behavior. Thanks to Florian Forster.
  • Python plugin: Don't create empty meta_data_t objects. Thanks to Florian Forster.
  • Python plugin: Fix Py list length check in cpy_build_meta(). Thanks to Yoga Ramalingam.
  • RRDtool and RRDCacheD plugins: Add directory separator after datadir. Thanks to Florian Forster.
  • RRDtool and RRDCacheD plugins: Honor the DataDir setting. Thanks to Florian Forster.
  • SNMP plugin: Fix a memory leak. Thanks to Marc Fournier and Pierre-Yves Ritschard.
  • Swap plugin: Make cached optional under Linux. Thanks to Florian Forster.
  • Replace and Set targets: Fix error message. Thanks to Marc Fournier.
  • libvirt plugin: only gather stats for running domains. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof.
  • Write Graphite plugin: Escape characters not supported by graphite. Thanks to Pierre-Yves Ritschard and Marc Fournier.
  • Write Graphite plugin: Improved error reporting when connecting to the server. Thanks to Sebastian Harl.
  • Write HTTP plugin: Make callback names context-dependent. Thanks to Marc Fournier.
  • Write Redis plugin: Re-add colon dropped in b7984797. Thanks to Marc Fournier.
  • Write Riemann plugin: Receive acknowledge message when using TCP. Thanks to John-John Tedro.