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List of versions
Version 5.11
Version 5.10
Version 5.9
Version 5.8
Version 5.7
Version 5.6
Version 5.5
Version 5.4
Version 5.3
Version 5.2
Version 5.1
Version 5.0

Version 5.11.0 is planned to be released on March 15th 2020. State of below is draft/wip.


Release 5.11.0

New features

  • collectd: A Code of Conduct has been added. Thanks to octo. #3401
  • core: Cherry-pick commit to fix missing package in specfile. Thanks to faxm0dem. #3399
  • text protocol: Add support for meta_data in PUTVAL Thanks to RafaelMarinheiro, dago. #3381, #2726
  • DF plugin: Added LogOnce option. Thanks to themylogin. #2910
  • Tail_CSV plugin: Add a FieldSeparator option. Thanks to redbaron4. #3394
  • AMQP plugin: Add TLS support. Thanks to mbakhoff. #3391
  • Intel_PMU plugin: support for uncore multi pmu Thanks to kwiatrox. #3388
  • capabilities plugin: New plugin to read static platform data Thanks to kwiatrox, dago. #3384, #3292
  • Disk plugin: A native (sysctl-based) implementation for NetBSD was added. Thanks to efuss, dago. #3379, #3334
  • NFS plugin: An implementation for NetBSD (using sysctl) has been added. Thanks to efuss, dago. #3377, #3333
  • Varnish plugin: Support for Varnish 6, deprecated 2, 3 and 5. Thanks to ismaelpuerto. #3360
  • utils_cache: internal API change - expose meta_data_toc function. Thanks to jkohen. #3339
  • buddyinfo plugin: New plugin for memory fragmentation info. Thanks to asafkahlon. #3303
  • DCPMM plugin: New plugin for Intel Optane DC Presistent Memory (DCPMM). Thanks to htg1. #3274
  • dpdk_telemetry plugin: New plugin to fetch DPDK metrics (intends to replace dpdk_stat). Thanks to reshmapattan. #3273
  • Write_HTTP plugin: add ability to configure cURL Statistics Thanks to n2yen. #3265
  • GPU NVidia‏‎ plugin: configurable plugin instance by GPU name and/or GPU index. Thanks to rdietric. #3264
  • ubi plugin: The new "ubifs" plugin reports block state for flash memory devices with UBIFS filesystem. Thanks to pticon. #3204
  • Network plugin: Add a new metadata "network:ip_address". Thanks to ashie. #3191
  • Battery plugin: read linux sysfs charge files Thanks to maclomhair. #3190
  • ipstats plugin: New plugin to count incoming, outgoing, forwarded packets on FreeBSD. Thanks to ometol. #3187
  • write_influxdb_udp plugin: New plugin to send values to InfluxDB using line protocol via udp. Thanks to carlospeon. #3162
  • Logparser plugin: New plugin for filtering and parsing log messages. Thanks to kwiatrox, krzysztofx, mmozejkx, aboczkox, rjablonx. #3045
  • Java plugin: Support boolean input. Thanks to Caden94. #3044
  • slurm plugin: The new SLURM plugin gathers metrics from the SLURM workload manager. Thanks to pllopis. #3037
  • Zookeeper plugin: Add 'quorum' stat. Thanks to chris9871. #2991
  • Redfish plugin: New read plugin to collect out-of-band sensor data from Redfish endpoints. Thanks to mmozejkx, aboczkox, mkobyli, kkepka, mansingh82, Zoltan Szabo. #2926
  • NUT plugin: Adding support for the "output.realpower" value from the ups code. Thanks to elratt0r. #2528
  • daemon/filter_chain: Auto load matches and targets if AutoLoadPlugin option is set. Thanks to manuelluis. #1034

Bug fixes / Cleanup / Improvements

  • build: Cleanup Thanks to wrp. #2635
  • tree-wide: Fix a race condition when setting thread names Thanks to mkauf. #2762
  • collectd: Factored out read_text_file_contents for reading text files and used it to fix a potential unterminated string in the thermal plugin. Thanks to igorpeshansky. #3359
  • build system: Avoid $< (implied source) in non-inference rules / Fix for building grpc with non-GNU make. Thanks to efuss, dago. #3376, #3330
  • collectd: Extend error/warning messages with more information. Thanks to dago. #3386
  • ignorelist: Coding style fixes. Thanks to dago. #3397
  • filter_chain: Fix constant for max plugin name length introduced in #1034 Thanks to dago. #3385
  • gpu_nvidia plugin: Fix some of the build issues. Thanks to rubenk. #3393
  • NFS plugin: Fix condition on existence of libkstat. Thanks to dago. #3382
  • Interface plugin: Reorder so that Linux-specific code is actually executed Thanks to dago. #3378
  • Exec plugin: Replace select with poll to allow more then 1024 open file descriptors. Thanks to kwiatrox. #3363
  • Network plugin: Fix memory leak. Thanks to ryan-mccabe. #3352
  • AMQP1 plugin: Fix leaks on error paths. Thanks to ryan-mccabe. #3352
  • Write_Riemann plugin: Fix memory leak. Thanks to faxm0dem. #3351
  • Aggregation plugin: Fix unreachable clause where both tmp_plugin and tmp_plugin_instance are non-empty. Thanks to qingling128. #3350
  • daemon: Fix regression caused by #3217. Thanks to rpv-tomsk. #3349
  • Fix linking with Python 3.8. Thanks to Self-Perfection. #3344
  • CPU plugin, Memory plugin, Swap plugin, UUID plugin: Contain use of sysctl / sysctrlbyname to BSD variants, as deprecated on Linux. Thanks to zebity. #3342
  • types.db: Fix ping_droprate range spec. Thanks to yousong. #3244
  • Processes plugin: fix number of running processes Thanks to badevos. #3243
  • match_regex: Accept all data types of meta data. Thanks to ashie. #3231
  • Write_Stackdriver plugin: Fixed NaN value handing with gauge metrics. Thanks to jaroslawprzybylowicz. #3226
  • Apache plugin: BusyWorkers/IdleWorkers update has been fixed. Thanks to zuckschwerdt. #3131
  • perl unixsock: Made the module robust against socket errors and disconnects. Thanks to guillemj. #3083
  • utils/format_graphite: Comma sign has been added to the list of prohibited characters. Thanks to salemgolemugoo. #2998