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{{Navbox Version 5}}
{{Navbox Version 5}}
'''Version 5.10'''  has '''not yet''' been released on ''Oct 11 <sup>th</sup> 2019''.
'''Version 5.10.0'''  has been released on ''Nov 15 <sup>th</sup> 2019''.
== Changes ==
== Changes ==

Revision as of 11:41, 15 November 2019

List of versions
Version 5.11
Version 5.10
Version 5.9
Version 5.8
Version 5.7
Version 5.6
Version 5.5
Version 5.4
Version 5.3
Version 5.2
Version 5.1
Version 5.0

Version 5.10.0 has been released on Nov 15 th 2019.


Release 5.10.0

New features

Bug fixes

  • daemon: Check if plugin actually loaded before reporting configuration issues. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyak. #3217
  • daemon: Recover setlocale() call in src/daemon/collectd.c do_init(). Thanks to Pavel Rochnyak.#3181, #3214
  • Build System: Only include <sys/sysctl.h> when needed. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #3298
  • Build System: Link to libnsl.so if needed for inet_ntop(). Thanks to Dagobert Michelsen. #3291
  • Build System: Remove double "without" added by commit b781871. Thanks to Fabrice Fontaine. #3261
  • Build System: fix compile time issues. Thanks to Matthias Runge. #3179, #3242, #3245
  • Build System: Fix activation of snmp_agent. Thanks to Fabrice Fontaine. #3241
  • Build System: Fix bug that leads to CPPFLAGS gets overridden with CFLAGS when libxmms is enabled. Thanks to Dagobert Michelsen. #3207
  • perl module: Collectd::Plugins::Openvz: Fix indentation of some closing curlies. Thanks to Christian Bartolomäus. #3239
  • tree-wide: Fix a few issues found with LGTM. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #3252
  • tree-wide: fix ssnprintf wrapper. Thanks to Fabien Wernli. #3237,#3232,#3235,#3236
  • tree-wide: Fix make check. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #3306
  • CI System: Travis: switch to Bionic. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #3307
  • CI System: Travis improvements for MacOS. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #3308
  • MySQL plugin: Minor documentation improvements. Thanks to Christian Bartolomäus. #3288
  • Java plugin: Fix typo in an error message. Thanks to Matthias Runge. #3285,#3286
  • sysevent plugin: Add a few missing calloc result checks in the sysevent_init function. Thanks to Andrew Bays. #3282
  • ZFS ARC plugin: A bug that caused the first to values to be skipped was fixed. Thanks to Jan-Philipp Litza. #3246
  • SysLog plugin: restore previous behaviour: fallback to info for unsupported level. Thanks to Fabien Wernli. #3236, #3238
  • virt plugin: Fix memory leak with libvirt MetadataXPath enabled. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyak. #3225,#3228
  • turbostat plugin: Fix warnings generated by the turbostat plugin. Thanks to Ryan Mccabe. #3340
  • GPU NVidia plugin: Fix build of the plugin. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #3320