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Version 4.8 is scheduled for release on Sunday, September 13th. This version is currently frozen /in development.

New features

The following features first appeared in version 4.8.

cURL-JSON plugin

The cURL-JSON plugin queries JSON data using cURL and parses it using YAJL, similar to the cURL and memcachec plugins. This can be used to query CouchDB instances. The plugin has been written by Doug MacEachern.

olsrd plugin

The olsrd plugin queries information about meshed networks from the Optimized Link State Routing daemon (olsrd).

Introduce a DERIVE data source type

In order to handle counter resets more gracefully, DERIVE and ABSOLUTE data sources have been added in addition to the already existing data source types. The initial patch was written by Mariusz Gronczewski.

TokyoTyrant plugin

Plugin to use TokyoTyrant to collect information about a Tokyo Cabinet database. The plugin was written by Paul Sadauskas.

See also: Paul's Git repository

Empty Counter match

This simple match can be used to match counters with a counter reading of zero. The intention is to be able to discard inactive counters.

Meta data

Meta data has been added to the value_list_t structure in src/plugin.h and the cache_entry_t structure in src/utils_cache.c. This allows to attach meta data to a specific value list as it is passed around the daemon as well as attaching data to the identifier using the global cache.

MadWifi plugin

Ondrej Zajicek writes:

“I am developing a Collectd plugin for Madwifi (a driver for Atheros wifi cards). Madwifi driver allows to run wireless cards in AP mode and have several private ioctls to acquire statistics about stations assciated to that AP, so standard wireless plugin is completely inadequate in that case.”

The plugin has been commited to the master branch on August 11th.

GenericJMX plugin

A Java-based plugin to read values from the Java Management Extensions (JMX). JMX is a generic framework to provide and query various management information. The interface is used by Java processes to provide internal statistics as well as by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to provide information about the memory used, threads and so on. The configuration is demonstrated in the contrib/GenericJMX.conf file. Written by octo, tested (also) by Matthew Sporleder.

RRDtool plugin: Random timeouts

Adding random delays when writing values to RRD files helps to avoid sudden load peaks which appear when all data times out at the same time. Written and tested by Mariusz Gronczewski.

Write HTTP plugin

Plugin to send data via HTTP POST requests to a web-server / CGI-script. Written by Paul Sadauskas.

ZFS ARC plugin

This new plugin queries ZFS' Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC). The patch was provided by Anthony Dewhurst (Dagger in IRC) on August 1st. It was merged to master on August 30th.