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That's a mold-braeker. Great thinking!
== Changes ==
At last, somenoe comes up with the "right" answer!
=== Release 4.4.1 ===
Released on ''Tuesday, June 03, 2008''.
* ''collectd:'' Fix the `DataSource' option within `Type' blocks. Thanks to kyrone for reporting this.
* ''collectd:'' Fixed min/max output in notifications generated by threshold checking.
* ''collectd-nagios:'' Fix the protocol used to communicate with the daemon.
* [[Plugin:Perl|Perl plugin]]: Fail noisily, but don't shutdown the daemon, if initialization has errors. An issue with Perl 5.10 has been fixed.
* [[Plugin:TeamSpeak2|TeamSpeak2 plugin]]: Fixed an out of bound array access. Thanks to René Rebe and Siegmund Gorr for reporting this.
=== Release 4.4.2 ===
Released on ''Tuesday, July 15, 2008''.
* ''build system:'' Use pkg-config to detect the upsclient library.
* ''collectd:'' Try even harder to determine the endianess of the architecture collectd is being built on.
* [[Plugin:Disk|Disk plugin]]: Fix for Linux 2.4: A wrong field was used as the name of disks.
* [[Plugin:DNS|DNS plugin]]: Fix compilation errors with BIND versions 19991001 through 19991005.
* [[Plugin:Network|Network plugin]]: Bugfix in the init routine: The init function cleared a buffer regardless of its contents. This could lead to lost values under Solaris.
* [[Plugin:nginx|nginx plugin]]: Remove usage of the thread-unsafe `strtok' function.
* [[Plugin:VServer|VServer plugin]]: Remove usage of the thread-unsafe `readdir' function.
* [[Plugin:Wireless|Wireless plugin]]: Work around incorrect noise and power values returned by some broken drivers.
=== Release 4.4.3 ===
Released on ''Monday, September 01, 2008''.
* ''collectd:'' Fix a memory leak in the threshold checking code.
* [[Plugin:memcached|memcached plugin]]: Fix a too short timeout and a related file descriptor leak.
* [[Plugin:Memory|Memory plugin]]: A typo in the libstatgrab code has been fixed.
* [[Plugin:SNMP|SNMP plugin]]: Fix a possible memory leak.
=== Release 4.4.4 ===
Released on ''Thursday, October 16, 2008''.
* ''build system:'' Change `--enable-<plugin>' to abort with an error if dependencies are not met. Thanks to Bruno Prémont for the patch. Also, the poisoning of various string functions has been restricted to debug builds.
* ''collectd:'' Fix a memory leak in the global value cache. With every *missing* value a couple of bytes would be leaked. Another memory leak in the configuration handling code has been fixed. Thanks to Niraj Tolia for reporting these issues.
* ''collectd:'' Fix an off-by-one error in the ignorelist functionality. When using regular expressions, the last character would be missing, possibly matching differently from what one would expect.
* ''collectdmon:'' Don't block SIGCHLD. This fixes a potential portability problem.
* ''collectd-nagios:'' Fix handling of the `-d' option. Thanks to Fabian Linzberger for reporting the bug.
* [[Plugin:Network|Network plugin]]: Fix a memory leak in the configuration handling code. Thanks to Niraj Tolia for reporting this issue.
* [[Plugin:Perl|Perl plugin]]: Log an error message if bootstrapping `Collectd' fails.
* [[Plugin:Tail|Tail plugin]]: Call `clearerr(3)' after reading an EOF. This fixes problems with some `libc's. Thanks to Matthias Lay for reporting the bug.
That's a mold-breaker. Great tihnking!

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That's a mold-braeker. Great thinking!