Version 3.8

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List of versions
Version 3.11
Version 3.10
Version 3.9
Version 3.8
Version 3.7
Version 3.6
Version 3.5
Version 3.4
Version 3.3
Version 3.2
Version 3.1
Version 3.0


Release 3.8.0

Released on Thursday, March 09, 2006.

  • The Ping plugin no longer uses libping but a self written library named liboping. With this library it's possible to ping multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and hostnames – in parallel.

Release 3.8.1

Released on Monday, March 13, 2006.

  • Fixes for building collectd under FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris.
  • Fixes in the Debian `postinst' and `init.d' scripts.

Release 3.8.2

Released on Tuesday, March 14, 2006.

  • src/utils_mount.c has been changed to not use the `MNTTAB' defined by the GNU libc, because it points to /etc/fstab rather than /etc/mtab.

Release 3.8.3

Released on Sunday, April 02, 2006.

  • Applied a patch by James Byers: The MySQL plugin was not working with MySQL 5.0.2 or later.

Release 3.8.4

Released on Sunday, April 09, 2006.

  • Applied patch by Vincent Stehlé which improves the disk-name resolution in the HDDTemp plugin for Linux systems.

Release 3.8.5

Released on Tuesday, May 09, 2006.

  • Applied a patch to the liboping library. Due to a bug in the sequence checking the Ping plugin stopped working after approximately 7.6 days.