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The value_list_t data structure is the main data structure because it is used to pass measured values around inside the daemon. It is often accompanied by data_set_t which is used to describe the stored values in more detail.

The following information is included in the data structure:

  • One or more values of data sources of undefined type. Only the number of values is included in the structure. What type a specific data source has (for example GAUGE or COUNTER) is described by the data_set_t structure.
  • Fields to uniquely identify the value.
  • The timestamp at which the value was collected.
  • The interval in which new values are to be expected.
  • A pointer to a meta data structure.

The structure is defined in src/plugin.h. It should be initialized using VALUE_LIST_INIT or VALUE_LIST_STATIC.



static void submit (int cpu_num, const char *type_instance, counter_t value)
  value_t values[1];
  value_list_t vl = VALUE_LIST_INIT;

  values[0].counter = value;

  vl.values = values;
  vl.values_len = 1;
  sstrncpy (vl.host, hostname_g, sizeof (vl.host));
  sstrncpy (vl.plugin, "cpu", sizeof (vl.plugin));
  ssnprintf (vl.plugin_instance, sizeof (vl.plugin_instance),
      "%i", cpu_num);
  sstrncpy (vl.type, "cpu", sizeof (vl.type));
  sstrncpy (vl.type_instance, type_instance, sizeof (vl.type_instance));

  plugin_dispatch_values (&vl);

</c> This example initializes, fills and dispatches a value_list_t data structure as seen in nearly every collectd plugin.