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This page is meant as a rough guide for doing a collectd release.

  1. Start writing a ChangeLog. This is easiest when writing the changelog in the wiki, e.g. at Version 5.4.
    • I usually get a list of all commits (git log collectd-5.4.1..collectd-5.4), go through this commit-by-commit.
    • Write from a user's point of view. For example: "Support for recent versions of gcrypt has been added." rather than "don't enable gcrypt thread callbacks when gcrypt recent enough".
    • Write in the past tense, use passive form. For example: "Support for X has been added.", "The Y option has been added."
  2. Convert the ChangeLog entry to plain-text and add it to the top of ChangeLog. octo has a short Perl script for this.
  3. Increase the version number in version-gen.sh.
  4. Commit and call ./build.sh so autoconf picks up the new version number.
  5. Build tarballs with make distcheck
  6. Upload tarballs; make sure files are world-readable.
  7. Update SHA1SUM and friends.
  8. Change links on the download page and in the left-hand menu.
  9. Convert the ChangeLog entry to HTML and update the News page. octo has a short Perl script for this.
  10. Update the topic in the IRC channel.
  11. Make noise (Twitter, Google+, …)