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This page contains some example configurations for the cURL-JSON plugin. This page is meant as a cookbook, so if you have a configuration for an aspect not handled here or a daemon not present, please feel free to add anything that's useful for you.

You can use cURL-JSON plugin plugin to collect stats from php-fpm instances. The example of config is below.


LoadPlugin curl_json
<Plugin curl_json>
<URL "">
 Instance 'main'
 <Key "accepted conn">
     Type "phpfpm_requests"
     Instance ""
 <Key "slow requests">
     Type "phpfpm_slow_requests"
     Instance ""
 <Key "listen queue">
     Type "phpfpm_listen_queue"
     Instance ""
 <Key "active processes">
     Type "phpfpm_processes"
     Instance "active"
 <Key "total processes">
     Type "phpfpm_processes"
     Instance "total"

Please note that the metod used to access php-fpm stats is not FastCGI but HTTP. So you need to configure your web-server to pass such requests to php-fpm instance.


You'll need to create a custom types.db and add these types:

# types.db
http_requests      count:COUNTER:0:134217728
listen_queue       value:GAUGE:0:65535
active_processes   value:GAUGE:0:65535
total_processes    value:GAUGE:0:65535

Type `http_requests' usually already present in the default types, however. See `TypesDB' configuration option in collectd config file for locations of default and custom `types.db' files.


  • Add chart examples.