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   | Status={{supported}}
   | Status={{supported}}
   | FirstVersion={{Version|3.9}}
   | FirstVersion={{Version|3.9}}
   | Copyright=''2006–2007'' Sebastian Harl<br />''2007–2008'' Florian octo Forster
   | Copyright=''2006–2007'' Sebastian Harl<br />''2007–2010'' [[User:Octo|Florian Forster]]
   | License={{GPLv2}}
   | License={{MIT License}}
   | Manpage={{Manpage|collectd.conf|5|plugin_vserver}}
   | Manpage={{Manpage|collectd.conf|5|plugin_vserver}}

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VServer plugin
Type: read
Callbacks: init, read
Status: supported
First version: 3.9
Copyright: 2006–2007 Sebastian Harl
2007–2010 Florian Forster
License: MIT license
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
List of Plugins

The VServer plugin collects information about the virtual servers running on a system, using Linux-Vserver.

Collected statistics

Network traffic

There are no real interface counters returned by "vserver", but summaries by socket type. Namely, these are:

  • unix
  • inet
  • inet6
  • unspec
  • other

Example graph


Thread count

Number of threads running within a guest.

Example graph


Process count

Counts the number of processes associated with a certain VServer.

Example graph


System load

System load of a guest. This is identical to the values collected by the Load plugin, but representing a guest system, not the host system.

Example graph


Memory usage

Memory used by a VServer.

Example graph