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{{Infobox Plugin
#REDIRECT [[Plugin:turbostat]]
  | Name=Turbostat
  | Type=read
  | Callbacks={{Callback|config}}, {{Callback|init}}, {{Callback|read}}
  | Status={{supported}}
  | FirstVersion={{Version|5.4}}
  | Copyright=''2013'' Len Brown<br />Vincent Brillault<br />
  | License={{GPLv2}}
  | Manpage={{No Manpage}}
The '''turbostat plugin''' reads CPU frequency and C-state residency on modern Intel turbo-capable processors.
== Synopsis ==
None of the following option should be set manually
This plugin automatically detects most optimal options
Only set values here if:
* The module ask you to
* You want to disable the collection of some data
* Your (intel) CPU is not supported (yet) by the module
* The module generate a lot of errors 'MSR offset 0x... read failed'
In the last two cases, please open a bug request
  <Plugin turbostat>
    TCCActivationTemp "100"
    CoreCstates "392"
    PackageCstates "396"
    SystemManagementInterrupt true
    DigitalTemperatureSensor true
    PackageThermalManagement true
    RunningAveragePowerLimit "7"
== Example graph ==
Here are examples of produced data (using [https://github.com/Feandil/collectd-turbostat/tree/master/CGP-plugin CGP]).
Example 1 (Small load): <br/>
Example 2: (Big compilation near the end): <br/>
== Dependencies ==
* libcap-devel

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