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Swap plugin
Type: read
Callbacks: init, read
Status: supported
First version: 2.1
Copyright: 2005–2009 Florian octo Forster
2009 Stefan Völkel
2009 Manuel Sanmartin
License: GPLv2
Manpage: n/a
List of Plugins

The Swap plugin collects the amount of memory currently written onto hard disk or whatever the system calls “swap”.

Example graph



  • Linux
    • /proc-file system
  • Solaris
    • swapctl(2) (Solaris version)
  • OpenBSD (possibly other *BSDs, too)
    • swapctl(2) (BSD version)
  • Mac OS X
    • sysctl(3) and VM_SWAPUSAGE
  • FreeBSD
    • kvm_getswapinfo(3)
  • AIX
    • libperfstat(3)
  • Other