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Redfish plugin
Type: read
Callbacks: init, config, read, shutdown
Status: supported
First version: 5.11
Copyright: 2018 Intel Corporation
Marcin Mozejko
Martin Kennelly
Adrian Boczkowski
License: MIT license
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
List of Plugins

The Redfish plugin collects out-of-band sensor data from Redfish endpoints. It can get multiple resource from different hardware that supports the Redfish protocol.

The sensor types and sensor names are defined via configuration. The following types of Redfish sensors are supported:

Redfish sensor type Collectd sensor value type collectd sensor units
Power voltage volts
Temperature temperature Celsius
Fan fanspeed rpm


 <Plugin redfish>
   <Query "fans">
     Endpoint "/Chassis[0]/Thermal"
     <Resource "Fans">
       <Property "ReadingRPM">
         PluginInstance "chassis-1"
         Type "rpm"
   <Query "temperatures">
     Endpoint "/Chassis[0]/Thermal"
     <Resource "Temperatures">
       <Property "ReadingCelsius">
         PluginInstance "chassis-1"
         Type "degrees"
   <Query "voltages">
     Endpoint "/Chassis[0]/Power"
     <Resource "Voltages">
       <Property "ReadingVolts">
         PluginInstance "chassis-1"
         Type "volts"
   <Service "local">
     Host ""
     User "user"
     Passwd "passwd"
     Queries "fans" "voltages" "temperatures"


The following configuration options are supported by Redfish collectd plugin:

Name Description
Query Section defining a query performed on Redfish interface
Endpoint URI of the REST API Endpoint for accessing the BMC
Resource Selects single resource or array to collect information
Property Selects property from which data is gathered
PluginInstance Plugin instance of collectd metric
Type Type of collectd metric
TypeInstance Type instance of collectd metric
Service Section defining service to be sent requests
Username BMC username
Password BMC password
Queries Queries to run

Example graphs

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Name Type Type Instance Description Comment
Sensor type Sensor name Sensor types and sensor names are defined via configuration file (They will be auto-generated from payload in next code drops). Depends on hardware

Implementation Details

To support the redfish based sensor monitoring, the standard redfish interfaces are used as mentioned in the DMTF. Idea is to use as much possible the standard REST API URLs to reach the sensor resources. In order to implement and utilize the redfish interfaces one must understand the concept of resource maps in DMTF redfish architecture.

Redfish plugin dataflow.png



  • 5.11 The Redfish plugin was added to collect out-of-band sensor data from Redfish endpoints.

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