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MadWifi plugin
Type: read
Status: in development
First version: 4.8
Copyright: 2009 Ondrej Zajicek
License: GPLv2
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
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The MadWifi plugin collects information about Atheros wireless LAN chipsets from the MadWifi driver. It uses the /sys filesystem to identify cards handled by this driver automatically but can be configured manually, too. Because very many statistics are available, an advanced selection mechanism is provided.


<Plugin "madwifi">
  Interface "wlan0"
  Source "SysFS"
  WatchSet "None"
  WatchAdd "node_octets"
  WatchAdd "node_rssi"
  WatchAdd "is_rx_acl"
  WatchAdd "is_scan_active"

Example graphs

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Available statistics

Special statistics

Name Description Default
node_octets RX and TX data count (per node) enabled
node_rssi Received signal strength indication (RSSI) (per node) enabled
node_tx_rate used TX rate (per node) enabled
ns_rx_beacons RX beacon frames (per node) disabled
ath_nodes the number of associated nodes (per interface) enabled
ast_ant_rx RX frames with antenna (per interface) enabled
ast_ant_tx TX frames with antenna (per interface) enabled

Node statistics

All the following statistics are collected per node, i. e. there will be one file for each node associated with the interface. These statistics are only available if the interface acts as an Access Point (AP).

Name Description Default
ns_rx_data RX data frames enabled
ns_rx_mgmt RX management frames enabled
ns_rx_ctrl RX control frames enabled
ns_rx_ucast RX unicast frames disabled
ns_rx_mcast RX multi/broadcast frames disabled
ns_rx_proberesp RX probe response frames disabled
ns_rx_dup RX discard because it's a dup enabled
ns_rx_noprivacy RX with WEP but privacy off summarized
ns_rx_wepfail RX WEP processing failed summarized
ns_rx_demicfail RX demic failed summarized
ns_rx_decap RX decapsulation failed summarized
ns_rx_defrag RX defragmentation failed summarized
ns_rx_disassoc RX disassociation disabled
ns_rx_deauth RX deauthentication disabled
ns_rx_decryptcrc RX decrypt failed on CRC summarized
ns_rx_unauth RX on unauthorized port summarized
ns_rx_unencrypted RX unecrypted with privacy summarized
ns_tx_data TX data frames enabled
ns_tx_mgmt TX management frames enabled
ns_tx_ucast TX unicast frames disabled
ns_tx_mcast TX multi/broadcast frames disabled
ns_tx_probereq TX probe request frames disabled
ns_tx_uapsd TX on uapsd queue disabled
ns_tx_novlantag TX discard due to no tag summarized
ns_tx_vlanmismatch TX discard due to of bad tag summarized
ns_tx_eosplost uapsd EOSP retried out disabled
ns_ps_discard ps discard due to of age disabled
ns_uapsd_triggers uapsd triggers disabled
ns_tx_assoc [re]associations enabled
ns_tx_auth [re]authentications enabled
ns_tx_deauth deauthentications disabled
ns_tx_disassoc disassociations disabled
ns_psq_drops power save queue drops disabled

Interface statistics

The following statistics are collected per interface.

Name Description Default
is_rx_badversion RX frame with bad version summarized
is_rx_tooshort RX frame too short summarized
is_rx_wrongbss RX from wrong BSSID enabled
is_rx_dup RX discard due to it's a duplication enabled
is_rx_wrongdir RX with wrong direction summarized
is_rx_mcastecho RX discard due to multicast echo disabled
is_rx_notassoc RX discard due to not associated sta summarized
is_rx_noprivacy RX with WEP but privacy off summarized
is_rx_unencrypted RX without WEP and privacy on summarized
is_rx_wepfail RX WEP processing failed summarized
is_rx_decap RX decapsulation failed summarized
is_rx_mgtdiscard RX discard management frames disabled
is_rx_ctl RX discard control frames disabled
is_rx_beacon RX beacon frames disabled
is_rx_rstoobig RX rate set truncated disabled
is_rx_elem_missing RX required element missing summarized
is_rx_elem_toobig RX element too big summarized
is_rx_elem_toosmall RX element too small summarized
is_rx_elem_unknown RX element unknown enabled
is_rx_badchan RX frame with invalid channel summarized
is_rx_chanmismatch RX frame channel mismatch summarized
is_rx_nodealloc RX frame dropped summarized
is_rx_ssidmismatch RX frame SSID mismatch enabled
is_rx_auth_unsupported RX with unsupported authentication algorithm summarized
is_rx_auth_fail RX sta authentication failure summarized
is_rx_auth_countermeasures RX authentication discard due to countermeasures summarized
is_rx_assoc_bss RX assoc from wrong BSSID summarized
is_rx_assoc_notauth RX assoc without authentication summarized
is_rx_assoc_capmismatch RX assoc with cap mismatch summarized
is_rx_assoc_norate RX assoc with no rate match summarized
is_rx_assoc_badwpaie RX assoc with bad WPA IE summarized
is_rx_deauth RX deauthentication enabled
is_rx_disassoc RX disassociation enabled
is_rx_badsubtype RX frame with unknown subtype summarized
is_rx_nobuf RX failed for lack of buffers summarized
is_rx_decryptcrc RX decrypt failed on CRC summarized
is_rx_ahdemo_mgt RX discard ahdemo management frame disabled
is_rx_bad_auth RX bad authentication request summarized
is_rx_unauth RX on unauthorized port summarized
is_rx_badkeyid RX with incorrect key ID summarized
is_rx_ccmpreplay RX sequence number violation (CCMP), disabled
is_rx_ccmpformat RX format bad (CCMP), disabled
is_rx_ccmpmic RX MIC check failed (CCMP), disabled
is_rx_tkipreplay RX sequence number violation (TKIP), disabled
is_rx_tkipformat RX format bad (TKIP), disabled
is_rx_tkipmic RX MIC check failed (TKIP), disabled
is_rx_tkipicv RX ICV check failed (TKIP), disabled
is_rx_badcipher RX failed due to of key type disabled
is_rx_nocipherctx RX failed due to missing key setup disabled
is_rx_acl RX discard due to of ACL policy disabled
is_rx_ffcnt RX fast frames disabled
is_rx_badathtnl driver key allocation failed summarized
is_tx_nobuf TX failed for lack of buffers summarized
is_tx_nonode TX failed for no node summarized
is_tx_unknownmgt TX of unknown management frame summarized
is_tx_badcipher TX failed due to of key type summarized
is_tx_nodefkey TX failed due to no default key summarized
is_tx_noheadroom TX failed due to no space summarized
is_tx_ffokcnt TX fast frames sent success disabled
is_tx_fferrcnt TX fast frames sent success disabled
is_scan_active active scans started disabled
is_scan_passive passive scans started disabled
is_node_timeout nodes timed out inactivity disabled
is_crypto_nomem no memory for crypto context disabled
is_crypto_tkip TKIP crypto done in software disabled
is_crypto_tkipenmic TKIP en-MIC done in software disabled
is_crypto_tkipdemic TKIP de-MIC done in software disabled
is_crypto_tkipcm TKIP counter measures disabled
is_crypto_ccmp CCMP crypto done in software disabled
is_crypto_wep WEP crypto done in software disabled
is_crypto_setkey_cipher cipher rejected key disabled
is_crypto_setkey_nokey no key index for setkey disabled
is_crypto_delkey driver key delete failed disabled
is_crypto_badcipher unknown cipher disabled
is_crypto_nocipher cipher not available disabled
is_crypto_attachfail cipher attach failed disabled
is_crypto_swfallback cipher fallback to software disabled
is_crypto_keyfail driver key allocation failed disabled
is_crypto_enmicfail en-MIC failed disabled
is_ibss_capmismatch merge failed-cap mismatch summarized
is_ibss_norate merge failed-rate mismatch summarized
is_ps_unassoc ps-poll for unassociated sta disabled
is_ps_badaid ps-poll with incorrect aid disabled
is_ps_qempty ps-poll with nothing to send disabled

Atheros statistics

Name Description Default
ast_watchdog device reset by watchdog disabled
ast_hardware fatal hardware error interrupts disabled
ast_bmiss beacon miss interrupts disabled
ast_rxorn RX overrun interrupts disabled
ast_rxeol RX eol interrupts disabled
ast_txurn TX underrun interrupts disabled
ast_mib mib interrupts disabled
ast_tx_packets packet sent on the interface disabled
ast_tx_mgmt management frames transmitted disabled
ast_tx_discard frames discarded prior to assoc enabled
ast_tx_invalid frames discarded due to is device gone summarized
ast_tx_qstop TX queue stopped because it's full summarized
ast_tx_encap TX encapsulation failed summarized
ast_tx_nonode TX failed due to of no node summarized
ast_tx_nobuf TX failed due to of no TX buffer (data), summarized
ast_tx_nobufmgt TX failed due to of no TX buffer (mgmt), summarized
ast_tx_xretries TX failed due to of too many retries enabled
ast_tx_fifoerr TX failed due to of FIFO underrun summarized
ast_tx_filtered TX failed due to xmit filtered summarized
ast_tx_shortretry TX on-chip retries (short), enabled
ast_tx_longretry TX on-chip retries (long), enabled
ast_tx_badrate TX failed due to of bogus xmit rate summarized
ast_tx_noack TX frames with no ack marked disabled
ast_tx_rts TX frames with rts enabled disabled
ast_tx_cts TX frames with cts enabled disabled
ast_tx_shortpre TX frames with short preamble disabled
ast_tx_altrate TX frames with alternate rate enabled
ast_tx_protect TX frames with protection disabled
ast_rx_orn RX failed due to of desc overrun summarized
ast_rx_crcerr RX failed due to of bad CRC enabled
ast_rx_fifoerr RX failed due to of FIFO overrun summarized
ast_rx_badcrypt RX failed due to of decryption summarized
ast_rx_badmic RX failed due to of MIC failure summarized
ast_rx_phyerr RX PHY error summary count enabled
ast_rx_tooshort RX discarded due to frame too short summarized
ast_rx_toobig RX discarded due to frame too large summarized
ast_rx_nobuf RX setup failed due to of no skbuff summarized
ast_rx_packets packet recv on the interface disabled
ast_rx_mgt management frames received disabled
ast_rx_ctl control frames received disabled
ast_be_xmit beacons transmitted disabled
ast_be_nobuf no skbuff available for beacon summarized
ast_per_cal periodic calibration calls disabled
ast_per_calfail periodic calibration failed disabled
ast_per_rfgain periodic calibration rfgain reset disabled
ast_rate_calls rate control checks disabled
ast_rate_raise rate control raised xmit rate disabled
ast_rate_drop rate control dropped xmit rate disabled
ast_ant_defswitch RX/default antenna switches disabled
ast_ant_txswitch TX antenna switches disabled


  • Linux
    • /sys filesystem
    • MadWifi driver

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