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MQTT plugin
Type: read, write
Callbacks: config, write
Status: supported
First version: 5.6
Copyright: 2014-2015 Florian octo Forster
2014 Marc Falzon
License: MIT license
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
List of Plugins

The MQTT plugin transmits or receives values collected by collectd via the MQTT protocol. Data is sent to or received from a "message broker" – a daemon relaying messages. The values are encoded in either the plain text protocol or JSON, though only the plain-text protocol can be parsed by the plugin at the moment. Messages can be sent in either persistent (guaranteed delivery) or transient (higher efficiency but values may be lost) delivery mode.


<Plugin "mqtt">
  # Send values to an MQTT server
  <Publish "some_name">
    Host "localhost"
    Port "5672"
    VHost "/"
    User "guest"
    Password "guest"
#   RoutingKey "collectd"
#   Persistent false
#   Format "command"
#   StoreRates false
  # Receive values from an MQTT broker (work in progress)
  <Subscribe "some_name">
    Host "localhost"
    Port "5672"
    VHost "/"
    User "guest"
    Password "guest"
    Exchange "amq.fanout"
#   ExchangeType "fanout"
#   Queue "queue_name"
#   RoutingKey "collectd.#"

this registers a writer by the name



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