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* ''libperfstat(3)''
* ''libperfstat(3)''
== See also ==
* {{Plugin|WPAR}}

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LPAR plugin
Type: read
Callbacks: config, read
Status: in development
First version: 5.0
Copyright: 2010 Aurélien Reynaud
License: GPLv2
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
List of Plugins

The LPAR plugin collects information from logical partitions (LPARs), a hardware virtualization technique of IBM POWER CPUs.


<Plugin "lpar">
  CpuPoolStats false
  ReportBySerial false

Example graph

Plugin LPAR CPU.png Example CPU graph of a logical partition. The graph was generated with a development version of the plugin.


  • libperfstat(3)

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