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DPDK Telemetry plugin
Type: read
Callbacks: init, read, config
Status: supported
First version: 5.9
Copyright: 2019 Intel Corporation
License: MIT license
Manpage: n/a
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The DPDK telemetry plugin collects interface, application and global statistics. It is used as a replacement for the dpdkstat plugin from the DPDK 19.08.

The plugin retrieves metrics from a DPDK packet forwarding application by sending the JSON formatted message via a UNIX domain socket. The DPDK telemetry component will respond with a JSON formatted reply, delivering the requested metrics. The plugin parses the JSON data, and publishes the metric values to collectd for further use.

Configuration options are documented in the collectd-dpdk_telemetry(5) manual page.


LoadPlugin dpdk_telemetry <Plugin dpdk_telemetry>

   ClientSocketPath "/var/run/.client"
   DpdkSocketPath "/var/run/dpdk/rte/telemetry"


Example graph

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  • libjansson


The DPDK telemetry plugin has been available since version 5.11.