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   PortName "interface2"
   PortName "interface2"
== Example Graph ==
{{No Example Graph}}
== Dependencies ==
== Dependencies ==

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DPDK Stat plugin
Type: read
Callbacks: config, init, read, shutdown
Status: supported
First version: 5.7
Copyright: 2016 Intel Corporation
License: MIT license
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
List of Plugins

The dpdkstat plugin collects information about DPDK interfaces using the extended NIC stats API in DPDK. For a full description of available options please refer to the collectd.conf(5) manual page. DPDK 16.04 or later is required.


<Plugin "dpdkstat">
    Coremask "0x4"
    MemoryChannels "4"
    FilePrefix "rte"
    SocketMemory "1024"
    LogLevel "7"
    RteDriverLibPath "/usr/lib/dpdk-pmd"
  SharedMemObj "dpdk_collectd_stats_0"
  EnabledPortMask 0xffff
  PortName "interface1"
  PortName "interface2"

Example Graph

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