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Carbon/Graphite plugin
Type: write
Callbacks: write
Status: deprecated
First version: 4.9
Copyright: 2010 Gregory Szorc
License: Apache 2.0
Manpage: README.md (from project)
List of Plugins

The Carbon plugin writes data collected by collectd to Carbon, Graphite's storage API. It can be found at indygreg/collectd-carbon

In essence, this is an alternative writer to RRD. Graphite's web UI has very compelling features, such as interactive graphs and dynamic functions.

For version 5.1 and later using the Write Graphite plugin is highly recommended.


<LoadPlugin "python">
  Globals true

Import "carbon_writer"
<Module carbon_writer>
  LineReceiverHost "myhost.mydomain"
  LineReceiverPort 2003
  DeriveCounters true
  TypesDB "/usr/share/collectd/types.db"

Example graphs

Uses Graphite for rendering. See http://graphite.wikidot.com/screen-shots for some examples.



If using versions 4.9 or 4.10, be sure to load the Python plugin with the Globals option set to true. Otherwise the Carbon module will not work properly. The appropriate configuration for loading the Python plugin is:

<LoadPlugin "python">
  Globals true

Versions before 4.9 don't support this option; it's possible the Carbon plugin doesn't work with these versions of collectd. Version 5.0 and later will automatically set this flag for the Python plugin, so the above syntax isn't required but still legal.

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