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Battery plugin
Type: read
Callbacks: init, read
Status: supported
First version: 3.7
Copyright: 2006–2014 Florian octo Forster
2008 Michał Mirosław
2014 Andy Parkins
License: GPLv2
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
List of Plugins

The Battery plugin collects the battery's charge, the drawn current and the battery's voltage. Right now the plugin works with ACPI- and PMU-batteries under Linux and under Mac OS X.

Example graphs

Plugin-battery-charge.png Plugin-battery-current.png Plugin-battery-voltage.png


  • Linux uses one of these sources (first match):
    • sysfs filesystem with /sys/class/power_supply (available since collectd 5.4.2).
    • proc filesystem with /proc/acpi/battery
    • proc filesystem with /proc/pmu.
  • Mac OS X
    • IOKit
      (Part of Mac OS X.)