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BIND plugin
Type: read
Callbacks: config, init, read, shutdown
Status: supported
First version: 4.6
Copyright: 2009 Bruno Prémont
2009 Florian octo Forster
License: GPLv2
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
List of Plugins


Starting with BIND 9.5.0, the most widely used DNS server software provides extensive statistics about queries, responses and lots of other information. The BIND plugin retrieves this information that's encoded in XML and provided via HTTP and submits the values to collectd.

This differs from the approach taken by the DNS plugin: The DNS plugin uses libpcap to capture (“sniff”) the network traffic and analyzes the DNS packets itself. Because it received the information from the BIND daemon, the BIND plugin can provide a level of detail the DNS plugin can't achieve, because it's missing the required information or acquiring that information would be too hard.

To see all the statistics provided by BIND, configure the statistics-channels as outlined below and point an XML-enabled browser to the appropriate port, for example http://localhost:8053/. The statistics recognized and handled by collectd are:

Global statistics

  • OpCodes
  • Query types (A, MX, AAAA, …)
  • Overall server statistics (#Queries, #Responses, …)
  • Zone maintenance statistics (#Notifications, #Updates, …)
  • Resolver statistics (usually empty)
  • Memory statistics

Per-view statistics

  • Query types
  • Resolver statistics (#Queries, #Responses, #NXDOMAIN, …)
  • RR-set cache statistics (#entries by type)

Per-zone statistics

  • Overall statistics (Success, #NXRRSET, …)


BIND configuration:

statistics-channels {
  inet port 8053;

collectd configuration:

<Plugin "bind">
  URL "http://localhost:8053/"
  OpCodes         true
  QTypes          true
  ServerStats     true
  ZoneMaintStats  true
  ResolverStats   false
  MemoryStats     true
  <View "_default">
    QTypes        true
    ResolverStats true
    CacheRRSets   true
    Zone ""

Example graphs

Resolver specific graphs

Resolver cache hits Queries hitting resolver Responses to resolver RCode of response to resolver

Global statistics

Queries agains auth server Responses of auth server


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