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This page contains some example configurations for the Aggregation plugin. This page is meant as a cookbook, so if you have a configuration for an aspect not handled here or a daemon not present, please feel free to add anything that's useful for you.

Aggregated CPU statistics per host

The following configuration aggregates the CPU statistics of all CPUs into one set using the sum and average consolidation functions.

<Plugin "aggregation">
    Plugin "cpu"
    Type "cpu"
    GroupBy "Host"
    GroupBy "TypeInstance"
    CalculateSum true
    CalculateAverage true

This will result in a per-CPU-state set of values for each host. The values will be names according to this schema:

If you don't want to keep the per-CPU statistics around, you can use the filter mechanism to get rid of them:

LoadPlugin "match_regex" # we want to use this for our Matching
<Chain "PostCache">
  <Rule> # Send "cpu" values to the aggregation plugin.
    <Match regex>
      Plugin "^cpu$"
      PluginInstance "^[0-9]+$"
    <Target write>
      Plugin "aggregation"
    Target stop
  <Target write> # Write everything else via "rrdtool".
    Plugin "rrdtool"

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