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Aggregate plugin
Type: read / write
Callbacks: config, read, write
Status: in development
First version: 5.2
Copyright: 2012 Florian octo Forster
License: MIT license
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
List of Plugins

The Aggregate plugin allows to aggregate multiple values into a single value using one or several consolidation functions, e.g. summation and average.

TODO: Discuss naming schema.


→ See: Plugin:Aggregation/Config
<Plugin "aggregation">
    Host "/any/"
    Plugin "example"
    PluginInstance "/all/"
    Type "gauge"
    TypeInstance "/any/"

    CalculateNum false
    CalculateSum false
    CalculateAverage true
    CalculateMinimum false
    CalculateMaximum false
    CalculateStddev false


  • None