Minutes from 2020-05-15

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Attendees: Krzysztof, Jabir, Nikolay, Piotr, kwiatrox, mkobyli, octo, Borja, mmilews

collectd 5.11.1 date

  • Only one fix in the 5.11 branch, 00653846cdaf47fb7b7f73aa38c30ec101c26a78. Postponing to next meeting.


  • Barometer project will have summer interns, starting in June. They will be working on automated functional tests.

Go plugins

  • [octo] Bootstrap repository at https://github.com/octo/go-plugins. Will be moved to the collectd organization shortly.
  • [Nikolay] CERN has many Python plugins. Is there interest?
  • [octo] Yes, prefer to move them to a separate "python-plugins" repository.

Issue grooming session

  1. ntpd plugin: private mode (7) is now deprecated #932
    • NTPd deprecated "mode 7" which is no longer enabled server side by default.
    • Recommendation is to use "mode 6", which is standardized.
    • "mode 6" is human readable, so parser needs to be rewritten.
    → flaged as bug (was feature request), left open, low priority
  2. Feature Request: need for self monitoring plugin (collectd getting metrics from itself) #849
    • Provide metrics about collectd's own operation
    • Nice to have.
    • FR has been open for ~5 years without movement.
    → Pinged the issue and set the "Waiting for response – 1st time" label.
  3. nginx plugin: support several instances #780
    • Offer to review a PR was not picked up in ~4 years.
    → Closed due to inactivity
  4. curl enhancement #614
    • User wants to match depending on a value on the preceding line.
    • Renamed to "curl plugin: Enable multi-line matching."
    → Provided work around and closed.
  5. Allow includes from within <Plugin> scope #476
    • Offer to review a PR was not picked up in ~4 years.
    → Closed due to inactivity