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   | FirstVersion={{Version|4.8}}
   | FirstVersion={{Version|4.8}}
   | Copyright=''2009'' Florian octo Forster
   | Copyright=''2009'' Florian octo Forster
   | License={{GPLv2}}
   | License={{MIT License}}
   | Manpage={{Manpage|collectd.conf|5|item_empty_counter}}
   | Manpage={{Manpage|collectd.conf|5|item_empty_counter}}

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Empty Counter match
Type: match
Status: supported
First version: 4.8
Copyright: 2009 Florian octo Forster
License: MIT license
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
List of Matches


The Empty Counter match matches value lists, where at least one data source is of type COUNTER and the counter value of all counter data sources is zero. For instance, an if_octets value list will only be matched if both, rx and tx hold the value zero.

The counter value is an integer value which is only increased, for example counting the number of octets sent or received by a network interface since it has been brought up. Usually those counter values are converted to a rate when drawing a graph. If you want to match value lists with a rate of zero, please take a look at the Value match instead.

The goal of this match is to match “inactive” counters, such as inactive IRQs (see example below), unconnected ports queried via SNMP and so on. These counters usually are of little to no interest but not all plugins provide appropriate selection mechanisms.


Match "empty_counter"


# Ignore all "irq" values if they are inactive
<Rule "ignore_empty_irq">
  <Match "regex">
    Type "^irq$"
  Match "empty_counter"
  Target "stop"


  • none


The Value match has been available since version 4.8.0.