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* [[Contribution Appreciation Program]]<br />Free t-shirts await!
* [[Contribution Appreciation Program]]<br />Free t-shirts await!
* [[Naming schema]]<br />Information on how values are organized in ''collectd''.
* A few words on [[coding style]]
* A few words on [[coding style]]
* [[Roadmap]]<br />Planned and/or implemented features of the next release.
* [[Roadmap]]<br />Planned and/or implemented features of the next release.

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collectd Wiki

Welcome to the Wiki of collectd, the system statistics collection daemon.


There are two navigation bars on the left: One, titled “navigation”, for navigating within the wiki. The other is titled “homepage” and contains the same links you found on the main website, i. e. by using those links you'll leave the wiki again.


The long-term goal is to move the majority of the special documentation into this wiki, hopefully without impairing quality. We hope that enabling more people to write and publish documentation easily will ultimately lead to more contributions.

By special documentation we mean any documentation except the manual pages, which are still considered to be the technical reference for all things collectd. We therefore might copy or move articles from this wiki to the manpages.


You can edit pages freely and without creating a user account and logging in.

If you do not log in, your IP-address will be saved and displayed in the change history. If your change adds an external link, you will be asked to solve a Captcha. Automated attacks on our wiki made this unfortunate step necessary, sorry.

If you have questions about anything you read in this wiki, please don't hesitate to ask this question in the discussion page. You can find a link at the top, right next to “page”.

Documentation for users

Documentation for developers