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  | CGI
  | CGI
  | RRDtool
  | RRDtool
| {{No}}
| [[Facette]]
| Web-based
| Go http package
| HighCharts
  | {{No}}
  | {{No}}

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The following is a list of front-ends to the data collected by collectd.

Name Type Framework Engine Flush
Collectd Graph Panel Web-based PHP RRDtool Yes
Collectd Graph Z Web-based PHP (based on CGP) RRDtool Yes
Collectd-web Web-based CGI RRDtool No
CollectGraph Web-based MoinMoin wiki unknown unknown
Collection 3 Web-based CGI RRDtool Yes
Collection 4 Web-based FastCGI gRaphaël, RRDtool No
Collectd-carbon Web-based Django Graphite/Carbon No
collectw Web-based FastCGI gRaphaël No
EcoStats Web-based CGI RRDtool No
Facette Web-based Go http package HighCharts No
Heymon Web-based Ruby on Rails RRDtool No
Jarmon Web-based jQuery, Javascript RRD, Flowplayer Tools, (Twisted) Flot No
kcollectd Stand-alone KDE Qt No
Observium Web-based PHP RRDtool Yes
PerfWatcher Web-based PHP RRDtool Yes
Visage Web-based Ruby + Sinatra, MooTools HighCharts (SVG) No
Vizir Web-based Ruby on Rails Rickshaw/D3js Yes
Sick Muse Web-based Python, jQuery, Backbone.js Flot unknown
RRDscout Web-based Python, Flask RRDtool unknown


Type of front-end. Currently the categories are Web-based and Stand-alone.
Execution framework used.
Program or library used for drawing graphs from the available data.
Whether or not the front-end is able to send a FLUSH command to the daemon before querying the data for the graph. This is interesting when the CacheTimeout option of the RRDtool plugin has been set to a high value.