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* Eric Reed
* Eric Reed
* Andrés J. Díaz
* Andrés J. Díaz
* Mariusz Gronczewski
Thanks, guys :)
Thanks, guys :)

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In order to attract developers and other contributors to collectd, I, octo, am giving away free t-shirts to people who have contributed to the project in whatever form.

The deal is simple: Everyone who puts a reasonable amount of work into the project, e. g. by contributing a cool new plugin, will get an immensely cool collectd t-shirt from me, octo (as long as t-shirts last). These t-shirts are not for sale, in order to keep them elitist ;)

How much “a reasonable amount of work” exactly is, is decided by me. You don't necessarily have to write any code to participate in the program – non-coding contributions such as translating the manpages or giving a talk or writing an article about collectd will be considered, too.

Original announcement on collectd's news page.


So far, t-shirts have gone to:

  • Sebastian Harl
  • Richard Shade
  • Peter Holik
  • Richard W. M. Jones
  • Stefan Hacker
  • Oleg King
  • Michał Mirosław
  • Alessandro Iurlano
  • M. G. Berberich
  • Michael Stapelberg
  • Luke Heberling
  • Bruno Prémont
  • Doug MacEachern
  • Fabian Linzberger
  • Oliver Jan
  • Amit Gupta
  • Eric Reed
  • Andrés J. Díaz
  • Mariusz Gronczewski

Thanks, guys :)