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Join the Collectd bi-weekly community calls to collaborate with fellow members on variety of issues. The bi-weekly calls are intentionally scheduled with an open agenda so anyone interested in Collectd can join in.

This bi-weekly call could be used as a communication channel for Collectd community for following purposes:

  • Discuss on pending PRs & issues
  • CI & validation
  • Release & compatibility issues
  • Bug fixes
  • Documentation
  • Usage & deployment issues
  • All things Collectd

Call Login Information

The Webex calls are scheduled for Fridays at 15:00 UTC (7:00 AM PST), starting April 3rd 2020. For those that haven't subscribed to Collectd mailing list, here is the meeting info Meeting link: Meeting number: 593 350 778 Passcode: @Collectd2020

If there are any troubles participating/joining the calls, feel free to reach out to Sunku (

Meeting Minutes

This section captures links to meeting minutes from the past community calls