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Hi, i have a problem with this plugin. The problem is in the time. On both servers (collectd server and collectd client with bind) is set the same time zone to Europe/Slovakia and both shows the same time (Tue Jun 1 08:53:49 CEST 2010, Tue Jun 1 08:53:48 CEST 2010) and the BIND stats page shows current-time 2010-06-01T06:53:56Z. The problem is, that in rrd database stored on collectd server is one hour less. On 8:53 local CEST time is in the rrd file only 7:53 and i don't know how to repair it, because the source of plugin is a bit complicated for me. I suppose, that the problem is in timezone or in the summer time. Can you take a look at it? Thanks, Richard.