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Type: read
Callbacks: n/a
Status: external
First version: n/a
Copyright: 2016 Fredrik Lundhag
License: Template:MIT
Manpage: n/a
List of Plugins is a shell script which read bandwidth statistics from SolusVM, a common platform for VPS providers. The script requires the Exec plugin, curl and grep with -P (--perl-regexp support) to run and was written by Fredrik Lundhag.


To use this script, do the following:

  • Download or copy the gist from GitHub into /etc/collectd.
  • Enable API in the VPS SolusVM control panel, then copy your API key + hash and put them into the script together with the path to the API.
  • I recommend you to run the script manually first to make sure that the output looks correct and that the API URL works.
  • Add the section below the configuration of the Exec plugin:
LoadPlugin exec
<Plugin exec>
    Exec <user>[:group] "/etc/collectd/" 

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