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Write TSDB plugin
Type: write
Callbacks: config, flush, write
Status: supported
First version: 5.5
Copyright: 2012 Pierre-Yves Ritschard
2011 Scott Sanders
2009 Paul Sadauskas
2009 Doug MacEachern
2007–2012 Florian Forster
2013–2014 Limelight Networks, Inc.
License: GPLv2
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
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The Write TSDB plugin writes metrics to OpenTSDB, an open-source distributed time-series database based on Apache HBase.


<Plugin write_tsdb>
    Host           "localhost"
    Port           "4242"
    HostTags       "status=production deviceclass=www"
    StoreRates     false
    AlwaysAppendDS false

This will register a write callback named write_tsdb/localhost/4242.


  • pthread

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