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Write OpenTSDB plugin
Type: write
Callbacks: init, config, write
First version: 4.9
Copyright: 2014 David Schmitt
License: GPLv3
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The OpenTSDB plugin translates and queues collectd metrics to an OpenTSDB instance.

The translation is done in python code and can easily be extended or modified to fit local requirements.


ModulePath "/path/to/installed/"
Import "tsdb"
<Module tsdb>
  server "opentsdb server name"
  port   "https port of opentsdb server"
  ca     "ca file"
  cert   "local certificate"
  key    "local private key"
  tag    "host" "my host name"
  tag    "dc"   "my datacenter"

This will register a writer using the specified SSL certificates. It adds additional tags to each event for filtering on the OpenTSDB side.

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